Adam Gibson

I work mostly on various privacy enhancing technologies in Bitcoin and research related fields in applied cryptography. Areas of interest include: Joinmarket, coinjoin generally, payjoin, Schnorr, coinswaps, ring signatures, zero knowledge, etc.

  • PathCoin: technical deep dive
  • PathCoin and the Cypherpunk Dream
  • Adam Gibson
Adrián Bernabéu

Soy Adrián Bernabéu y confieso que estoy obsesionado con Bitcoin. Han pasado muchos acontecimientos relevantes anteriormente, pero hubo un punto de inflexión en 2014 cuando conocí Bitcoin, aunque no fue hasta 2017 cuando me obsesioné por completo. Desde entonces he estado completamente volcado a este mundo, dedicando infinitas horas, trabajando y profundizando en la parte tecnológica, socio-política, filosófica y especialmente la económica-financiera. Graduado en la Universidad Europea de Madrid, en «Postgrado de Experto en Medios de Pago, Bitcoin y Blockchain» (entre otros muchos cursos y formaciones no regladas), y como profesor en la Universidad Miguel de Cervantes impartiendo la asignatura de «Criptoeconomía», y también en la mejor universidad privada de Costa Rica LEAD, además de ser co-creador de «El Libro de Satoshi», junto a pioneros y referentes españoles. Fundé varias empresas relacionadas con el sector, en 2017 Cryptoinvest y en 2020 Máster de Inversores, mientras ayudo y colaboro actualmente con muchas otras. Invitado honorífico como Speaker nacional e internacional en macro eventos de máximo prestigio como Startup Olé y Rankia, también en universidades como Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Universidad Francisco Marroquín, Universidad Europea, además del emblemático Club Financiero Génova ó GOOGLE for Startups… Innumerables apariciones en medios de comunicación referentes, como la revista Emprendedores, el periódico Expansión,, National Geographic, Idealista, Business Insider,, TreceTV, La Sexta ó FORBES. Ahora, estoy enfocado en el libro de "BITCOINISMO: la nueva era de la propiedad privada soberana".

  • BITCOINISMO: La era de la propiedad privada real
  • Adrián Bernabéu -

Ajelex has been actively engaged in Bitcoin education in France with Découvre Bitcoin for several years. Recently, in the summer of 2023, he joined the Cubo+ initiative as a teacher. Choosing to remain in El Salvador, he has continued to work on various initiatives within the country and has taken on a mentorship role for Cubo+ graduates joining the organization. One notable project is Node Nation, where Découvre Bitcoin installs Lightning nodes in high school computer science classes nationwide. This serves as the foundation for Bitcoin education, aiming to inspire the next generation of Cubo+ applicants.

  • Bootstrapping Bitcoin Development in El Salvador
Akin Fernandez

Akin is the founder of Azteco - a service to buy bitcoin with a top up voucher in exchange for cash. Not only are bitcoin purchases fairly private this way, but the voucher system leverages learned behavior from phone and app store credits that almost anyone can intuitively navigate.

  • Keynote

Estudie negocios internacionales en la Universidad de Texas, posteriormente estudie psicología moderna y budismo en la Universidad de Princeton y mi tercera carrera fue actuación en Ciudad de México.
Algo que me llena de satisfacción es proporcionar asistencia a los demás y participar en la tarea de fomentar su crecimiento y conocimiento es por eso que decidi ser embajadora de Bitcoin en mi país y tambien fomentar la independencia alimentaria. Empece a ser autosuficiente en mis alimentos cuando a mi padre le dio cancer en el pancreas.
Es por eso que una de mis misiones de vida es educar a la gente en ser autosuficientes en su economia y alimentos

  • Alejandro Guajardo - Miss Bitcoin
  • Salvadoran's perception of Bitcoin after 2 years
Alexandre Bussutil
  • Legends of Lightning Pitch Presentation
Alex Espejo

We are a leading Quality Assurance provider for Mobile projects, now bringing our expertise to BITCOIN world. Our experienced team in the IT industry, specializes in QA, consulting, business growth, technological development, and research. The expertise we’ve accumulated for more than 20 years, delivering top-notch services in different fields such as micropayments, app/content delivery over mobile networks and more recently lightning payments in El Salvador give us unique credentials for this type of job.

We are certified by the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB®). ISTQB® terminology is widely acknowledged and accepted as the standard language in the software testing industry. This ensures that, through the processes stablished by this Board, our tests certify any software project under international standards.

Our tests projects have certified hundreds of mobile applications that run over 300 million devices across the United States and Latin America. The range of the tests executed for these apps goes from testing easy flows like a Software Self Update to complex flows where a wrong configuration could brick the device of millions of users.

We are part of the revolutionary Bitcoin movement in El Salvador. Thanks to our rigorous but flexible test case design methodology, we certify all the machinery behind the Bitcoin payment gateway of one of the most important mobile phone operators in the country. With less than 0.01 percent downtime, users of this mobile phone operator enjoy a fast, safe, and reliable charging experience.

  • Despliegue exitoso de un proyecto de Bitcoin

Originally from Canada, I left the country over 8 years ago and spent over 6 years living on Bali. I began my Bitcoin journey when I learned firsthand how difficult it is to transact out of country, and after being heavily taxed while moving my life savings out of my home country. After reading the Bitcoin Whitepaper, and The Bitcoin Standard, I knew this was a magical currency but living off Bitcoin in Indonesia was difficult, often meant sitting in a sketchy office in Ubud sending BTC to the guy behind the desk while he monitored the tx on blockchain explorer before handing me an envelope of Rupiah. Seeing ES adopt Bitcoin meant to me that returning to Latin America was the best idea, after which point our team here in Yucatan came together on the mission to initiate a circular economy here.

  • Bitcoin Yucatan - Orange pilling Mexico
Amir Edjlali

Amir Edjlali heads Coinbase's global compliance product strategy. With a background across various organizations, industries and roles, Amir brings a unique perspective to global adoption of bitcoin across general users to major banks and institutions.

  • Preparing to scale for the next bull run
Andrew Begin

Andrew Begin is a dedicated father, amateur woodworker, wannabe regenerative farmer, and fervent Bitcoiner. Andrew is Director of Marketing at Galoy, a Bitcoin company building open source banking infrastructure for enterprise-scale applications. Galoy is also the developer and maintainer of Blink (fka Bitcoin Beach Wallet), a Lightning wallet built for bottom-up Bitcoin adoption. Andrew is founder of RI Bitcoiners, a meetup making Rhode Island Bitcoin-friendly.

  • Get to Know Blink - The Everyday Bitcoin Wallet
  • El Salvador Adoption Realities
  • From Bitcoin Beach to the World
  • The Bitcoin Circular Economy Big Bang
Andrew Howard

Andrew Howard first got involved with bitcoin in 2017 while "serving" active duty in the US Marine Corps. Since then, his mission in life has been to spread bitcoin adoption and create a more peaceful world. He started Bitcoin Network SMA, co-authored the booklet "Bitcoin: Everything in 21 pages", is an Ambassador at Free Cities Foundation, and is a bitcoin consultant for family offices at

Andrew is currently striving to make San Miguel de Allende the bitcoin hub of Mexico.


  • How to bitcoinize your community
  • Andrew Howard - Bitcoin Network SMA
  • Stablesats with Blink API
Asher Hopp

Asher Hopp is the founder of Topiary, an early stage Bitcoin startup building solutions for capital formation in a Bitcoin economy. Asher previously served as the CFO of Amboss, a Lightning Network data analytics firm, and worked in private equity, commodities, and hedge funds for 6 years. Asher served in the United States Army including special operations missions focused on humanitarian relief in Central America and the Horn of Africa. Asher also holds degrees from the University of Maryland, Harvard University Extension School, and Pepperdine University.

  • Finance, in a Bitcoin Economy
Augusto Lara

Augusto Lara is the co-founder of Smart Vaults. With
, he's building a miniscript Bitcoin wallet that enables users and businesses to define who, how, and when their Bitcoin is spent. Enabling collaborative custody, social recovery, decaying multisig and many more use cases.

  • Smart Bitcoin is here - the power of miniscript
Benjamin de Waal

Discovered Bitcoin in 2010. "Bitcoiner" since around 2013. Exclusively working in the Bitcoin space since 2018.
With a background ranging through software development, neuroscience, linguistics, and private investigations, Ben brings with him a wealth of experience from different areas of Bitcoin from the philosophical to the technical. For the last few years, he's been focused primarily on real world Bitcoin adoption and what that means for different people in all walks of life, cultures, and backgrounds.

  • Practical Merchant Adoption
Benjamin Dichter

Benjamin J. Dichter, a multifaceted individual, has made an indelible mark as the spokesperson for the historic Canadian trucker convoy and a passionate advocate for individual rights and grassroots activism and Bitcoin advocate. His diverse background, ranging from gemmology and corporate sales to entrepreneurship and political engagement, reflects a journey of transformation driven by a resolute commitment to driving positive change.

Beginning his career as a gemologist and diamond grader, BJ's meticulous creative perspectives and commitment to truth laid the foundation for his future endeavors. Transitioning into the corporate world, he excelled as a sales director, harnessing his interpersonal skills to forge meaningful connections and drive business growth.

However, it was BJ's entrepreneurial spirit that truly ignited his trajectory of impactful change. As an entrepreneur, he demonstrated an unwavering determination to challenge conventional norms and seek innovative solutions. This spirit eventually led him to the realm of politics, where he fearlessly advocated for policies aligned with personal freedoms and empowerment.

eyond his involvement in the trucking industry, BJ expanded his reach as a thought-provoking podcaster and engaging public speaker. His ability to distill complex issues into relatable narratives has resonated with audiences, sparking meaningful conversations and inspiring others to take action.

  • Bitcoin at the Canadian Trucker Convoy

Electronics & computer science engineer by training, freelance developer by trade, long-time bitcoin enthusiast.

  • Mostro - P2P en Lightning via Nostr - En Español

Bob is a lightning network enjoyer and has been working on Satograms. Bob formerly worked at Voltage on Surge, a lightning node observability tool.

  • Satograms - Message the Entire Lightning Network
Björn Schmidtke

Meet Björn Schmidtke, the visionary force behind 'Penguin,' a groundbreaking digital agency birthed in Switzerland in 2015. This dynamic nexus, where Artificial Intelligence meets web development, rapidly expanded its influence, captivating clients across five continents.

By 2016, Penguin transcended its origins, sharing its secrets through the 'Penguin Academy' for top-tier executives in Switzerland. Simultaneously, its compassionate pulse echoed in Paraguay, establishing and championing the cause of inclusive, future-forward education.

Now, as the CEO of Penguin Group, Björn is embarking on an ambitious mission. He's merging world-class infrastructure data centers with the goal of fostering high-quality labor in Paraguay, all under the banner of 'Transforming Energy Into Human Potential'.The objective its to turn Paraguay into a Tech Hub for latinamerica.

  • BFXS - A New Capital Markets Ecosystem
  • Transforming Energy Into Human Potential
Brandon Black

I've been peripherally interested in bitcoin for a long time, and working full time as a bitcoin wallet engineer for over 5 years. I work in bitcoin because it's the most impactful thing I can do to make the world my children inherit better than the one we live in. As a result, my focus is on sovereign bitcoin custody and financial privacy. I'm enthusiastic about Chaumian ecash, Lightning, Ark, and other ways to bring financial sovereignty to more people. It's also OK to have fun along the way, so I like inscriptions.

  • Does bitcoin need covenants?

This is a condensed summary of my extremely long bitcoin adventure, which began during the Silk Road era. I educate about bitcoin and how it is one of the most essential things in my life in more than 500 videos (with one million video views!) on my 21 thousand followers (nice number) SPANISH bitcoin-only YouTube channel and my TikTok (5 thousand SPANISH only bitcoin followers).

  • Explicando Bitcoin para normies en Tiktok

A veteran voting table volunteer from 2011 and 2015 Guatemalan elections, Carliño was a multi-party elections overseer in 2019. His focus was the public facing webpage when it publicly collapsed. In 2023 he returns, with more friends, this time ready ahead of time in order to return confidence to the Guatemalan voting system through Bitcoin.

  • I came for Democracy but stayed for Bitcoin
Carlos G.

Líder de educación para La Librería de Satoshi en Mastering Lightning Network. Web Developer, y emprendedor co-fundador de Sy Energy una startup para la industria eléctrica en México

  • Aprendiendo Bitcoin con Inteligencia Artificial
Charles Lesieur

Entrepreneur with a love for cutting-edge technology’s ability to improve our lives, Charles started working in artificial intelligence in 2017. Around the same time, a side project led him to dive down the Bitcoin rabbit hole. He was therefore uniquely positioned to understand the synergies made possible by recent evolution in those 2 fields and has made it his mission to kickstart a symbiotic relationship between Open-Source AI and the soundest money.

  • Bitcoin and Open-Source AI
Charlie Mackenzie

Charlie is a passionate co-owner and driver at Bitcoin Racing, bringing his expertise and love for the sport to the team. With a strong belief in the power of Bitcoin, Charlie joined the Bitcoin community in 2020 and has been actively involved ever since.

  • Driving bitcoin adoption with Bitcoin Racing
Charlie Stevens

Charlie Stevens goes as ‘The Natural Investor’. Previous actuary who consulted at a Big Four company. After auditing the largest insurers and seeing the state of balance sheets in Europe decided to go full time to work on the local bitcoin circular economy in Berlín, El Salvador to shift away from the dependency of Fiat and build from the ground up. Focusing on the furthering the understanding of money, capital & investment.

  • Bitcoin is natural
Chris Hunter

Chris Hunter is a Bitcoiner with a long history building and running successful companies. As Co-Founder and President of Satoshi, Chris is now taking a company of his own from “zero to one” for the fifth time in his career.

A mechanical engineer by training, Chris previously founded and successfully exited two renewable energy companies.

More recent career highlights from a decade in the Bitcoin Industry include:
-- Co-Founder: Galoy
-- Co-Founder: Blink (fka, the Bitcoin Beach Wallet)
-- Co-Creator: Adopting Bitcoin (a Lightning Summit in El Salvador)
-- Angel Investor: Pre-Seed or Seed investor in more than 30 Bitcoin companies
-- Venture Partner: Lightning Ventures
Advisor / Board Member: across numerous ventures... including Eaglebrook, Verify21 and the DraperX Bitcoin Studio

  • Satoshi Squared -- Satoshi Money x Spirt of Satoshi (AI)

Christopher is a teacher of 20+ yrs experience... his ability to take very difficult concepts, such as bitcoin, and break it down into very simple ideas that anyone can understand.... education is often about telling a story to guide learners through difficult ideas. Christopher has built for this reason.
Bitcoin education that everyone can understand.

  • - Que es Bitcoin?

Clusk is currently the Chief Operations Officer at Hifumi, S.A. de C.V. Hifumi is headquartered in San Salvador and is the world's first food delivery app to natively accept bitcoin. Clusk has lived in El Salvador for two years and contributes to bitcoin adoption efforts. Prior to Hifumi, Clusk worked as a software engineer at Strike.

  • Bitcoin is a Hammer

I'm a professional designer working for a Bitcoin(ish) company. Bitcoin since 2017. Background in art, music, culture, mythology, physics, user experience/interface and product design, and business. Sometimes entrepreneur, oftentimes entrepreneurial failure. Looking forward to sharing more about why we don't need more people in Bitcoin--we need better users.

  • Stop orange-pilling your friends

Dammon21 is an EINUNDZWANZIG Hannover pleb studying Bitcoin, a Control System Engineer and currently a Technical Project Manager in the Automotive sector. He couldn't be more enthusiastic about the future with Bitcoin thanks to such an awesome community around it.

Affiliation: EINUNDZWANZIG Hannover

  • Secure custody with an own node and the BitBox02

Bitcoin Yucatan, Mexico

Social entrepreneur with over 30 years’ experience in Europe, Asia and Latin America. He is an incubator for Casa Bitcoin-Merida, as well as inah Citadel, which is a Self sustainable community in the Yucatan jungle, incorporating permaculture, aquaponics and natural building techniques. Daniel is bringing all his various interests to create a Bitcoin reality in Merida, Yucatan, as well as Latin America. And is still desperately looking for a way to involve canines (preferably ones with street cred) into the orange pilling process!

  • Bitcoin Yucatan - Orange pilling Mexico
Daniel Cohen
  • Institutional adoption of Bitcoin
Daniel Trujillo

Software developer, entrepreneur and co-founder of Tatacoa Bitcoin, a Colombian startup born during the first edition of Adopting Bitcoin.

  • Construye tu propia billetera de Bitcoin Lightning
David da Silva Rosa

David is the founder of My Bitcoin Academy, a Salvadoran-based Bitcoin education initiative aiming to bring Bitcoin education to millions of people. Although trained as an aerospace engineer, David joined the Parisian hardware wallet giant Ledger in 2018 to help spread Bitcoin adoption, gaining extensive experience supporting and building Bitcoin wallets. In 2022, David moved to El Salvador with his family while documenting the journey on YouTube and Twitter. Besides Bitcoin, David loves to spend time with his family, running, listening to trance music, and eating pupusas.

  • This Bitcoin Course Will Orange-Pill Your Mom
Deanna Heikkinen and Joel Marquez

Husband and wife team, Deanna Heikkinen and Joel Marquez are long-time Bitcoiners and homeschool advocates. Deanna, a former college professor turned homeschool teacher, has a background in educational policy history, curriculum design, and teaching students writing, reading, history, and humanities from second grade through college. Joel's background as a writer and working in technology brings storytelling and a deep understanding of Bitcoin to the team. Together, they founded a curriculum company teaching an integrated approach to the Great Books for homeschool families. Most recently, they moved to El Salvador and are setting up a new homeschool enrichment tutoring company, Lyceum Tutoring. They also work to advocate for Bitcoiners around the world to merge the idea of financial sovereignty with their child's education.

  • The Intersection of Bitcoin and Homeschooling
Dejan Roljic

Dejan Roljic is a visionary on a mission to bring Bitcoin payments to the mainstream. As an astute entrepreneur, investor, and influential figure in the realm of Bitcoin payments, he has leveraged strategic partnerships with industry giants like Bitfinex to establish his company, GoCrypto, as a trailblazer in facilitating Bitcoin transactions across more than 70 countries.
Dejan's unwavering commitment to innovation has led him to pioneer NAKA, a groundbreaking solution that seamlessly integrates Bitcoin payments and introduces the world's first EMV-compatible payment card linked to a non-custodial solution.
For those eager to explore the fascinating world of Bitcoin payments and envision how Bitcoin will become an integral part of our daily routines, Dejan Roljic is undoubtedly the authority to turn to. Listen to his insights and stay ahead in the exciting journey towards the future of finance.

  • Financial Inclusion: A Pathway to Economic Freedom
  • Dejan Roljic - Naka
  • Challenges of Merchant Bitcoin Adoption - a journey from Lugano to San Salvador
Delia Garcete

Delia Garcete stands at the forefront of innovation and leadership as the CEO and Co-Founder of Penguin Academy. With over a year at the helm, she has not only steered the Academy towards new horizons but also serves as the vibrant voice of Penguin Group. Her tenure in the hospitality sector spans across various prestigious hotels globally, where she honed her expertise in operations, people management, and transformative leadership — notably as a Food and Beverage Assistance at The Ritz-Carlton, where she absorbed the ethos of empowering employees and creating leaders at every level.

Delia's extensive international experience includes pivotal roles such as Manager of big teams, where she seamlessly blended operational excellence with team empowerment. Her academic journey boasts a Bachelor’s in Hotel and Tourism Management from Vatel, and a Master’s in Restaurant and Food Services Management from Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola. Not one to rest on her laurels, Delia's foray into Medicine at Universidad Católica Nuestra Señora de la Asunción speaks volumes about her relentless pursuit of knowledge and her commitment to fostering a culture of continuous learning and leadership.

Delia brings a unique perspective to the group, bridging the gap between pioneering technologies and the quintessence of hospitality—serving people and communities.

  • Delia - Penguin Academy
  • Transforming Energy Into Human Potential
Dirac Delta

Shitposter at and thinkboi at

Building bleeding edge aerospace materials made the fiat world's failure rather obvious to me once it got in my way -- really, the flow of the universe itself was tragically impeded, so I was compelled to understand the nature of Bitcoin, and how its adoption might be accelerated.


  • Standard of Contract: The Fourth Function of Money
Dominick Bei

Dom is a 14 year Firefighter from California with over 10 years as an elected officer of the Firefighters Union. Initially a passive Bitcoin participant and student since 2017, a fateful rescue of a Bitcoin analyst in 2022 started Dom on a new mission: to orange pill unions and worker organizations and assist with long term adoption. Building a model he called "Proof of Workforce" Dom collaborated with the Santa Monica Firefighters who became the first union to collectively self-custody Bitcoin. He now hosts a new show, "The Nakamoto Gauntlet," produced by Swan Bitcoin with co-hosts Raphael Zigury, Greg Foss and Joe Carlasare. Dom has written several Bitcoin articles with his latest article published in Bitcoin Magazine "How Bitcoin can save California's $440 Billion Pension Fund"

  • Dom Bei - proof of work force
  • Proof of Workforce

Jamaican Freedom Tech Advocate
Host of One Love Bitcoin
Founder of Flash

  • Bringing Hybrid-Custody Lightning to the Caribbean
Dr. Ulrich Eder

Dr. Ulrich Eder is the founder, President and owner of PUGNATORIUS S.A.

Until 2021, Dr. Ulrich Eder worked as a German attorney and tax advisor for Big Four accounting and auditing companies, international law practices, and his own tax consulting and law firms in Germany and Thailand.

Since 2009, he is the President of PUGNATORIUS S.A. in Panama. He is a book author, frequent speaker at international conferences and has contributed to a number of publications on specialized topics in the field of digital assets, cryptocurrencies and offshore structures.

  • Bitcoin Offshoring - Be Your Own Offshore Bank
Dusan Matuska

Dusan Matuska is a Bitcoin educator and Bitcoin miner from Slovakia. He was tutoring math, physics and english from the age of 17 and throughout his university studies.

In 2017 he decided to focus solely on Bitcoin education. He is a host of a Bitcoin podcast in Slovak language, delivers workshops, webinars and Bitcoin sessions for kids and teachers in various countries.

In 2021 he co-founded AmityAge (@amitage) with a mission to welcome 100 million people in the Bitcoin rabbit hole by 2030.

In 2022 started the first Bitcoin Education Center in Honduras on Roatan island in Próspera and financing it with Bitcoin mining in Paraguay where his company self-mines bitcoin and hosts machines for clients.

His passion is to help Bitcoin educators start their initiatives around the world and provide them with resources, skills and habits to be the best Bitcoin educators for their communities.

Currently he works on an online and in-person version of Bitcoin Educators Academy curriculum with Dalia Platt and Seb Bunney.


  • Educating Bitcoin Educators: Handling Objections

Product Manager at Stakwork.

Stakwork is a Business Process Automation platform that connects AI systems with an always-on network of cloud-sourced workers, who have the freedom to work on their terms, and get paid instantly with Bitcoin and Lightning Network.

  • I came for Democracy but stayed for Bitcoin
Eliazar Ajquijay
  • Bitcoin adoption in LatAm. Beyond El Salvador
Elodie Jallet

Bitcoiner advocate, Freedom champion and Communication @Bitfinex

  • Don't trust... verify! - Documentary screening and presentation
Enrique Berrios

Bitcoin Smiles doctor of dental surgery with two decade experience in dental practice. Digital dentistry designer at Diente Zonte digital dental lab. 16 year experience as a media broadcaster.

  • Bitcoin Smiles / Sonrisas Bitcoin
  • Enrique Berrios
Enrique Ho

Served as Investment Principal at The Aureos Latin American Fund L.P., and Aureos Central America Fund, L.P, part of the family of funds of Aureos Limited with more than US$2 billion in assets under management.

Held financial positions in Latin America Export Bank (Panama), and Chase Manhattan Bank (Panama). Participated as Board Member on several corporate boards spanning five countries in Latin America.

Published Co-Ed articles in various newspapers in Panama, as well as a business case study (Seat Pagine Gial) now used at MBA programs in several top-tier business schools.

Hold an MBA from London Business School (2005), and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from The University of Tennessee, Knoxville (1997) with emphasis in finance and a minor in economics. Graduated with honors (Cum Laude) and was awarded the Chevenning (UK) and Thomas Smith (US) scholarships.

Became a Bitcoiner after suffering political persecution in Panama that led me to become a political refugee for 8 years.
My personal twitter handle is @ho_fernandez (Spanish only). But most English speaking bitcoiners know me as Abelito (@abelitopanama), which is the twitter handle I used during my 8 years of political persecution.

Bitcoiners who can give you feedback on me: Samson Mow, Moritz Wietersheim, Tone Vays, Andrew Begin

  • Bitcoin adoption in LatAm. Beyond El Salvador
Eric Yakes

Eric left private equity to join the bitcoin revolution. He authored the book: The 7th Property and spends time independently writing research theorizing the future bitcoin native financial system. Eric is in the process of forming a bitcoin and freedom technologies venture capital fund. If you're a founder, investor, or enthusiast please reach out to him on twitter @ericyakes

  • Do we still need credit on a bitcoin standard?
  • Banks without Bankers
Ernesto Quezada

Video Games developer and Cubo+ graduate

  • Bootstrapping Bitcoin Development in El Salvador
Evan Kaloudis
  • Building self-custodial lightning products
  • Building mobile Lightning Wallets in 2023
Evelyn Lemus

Co-founder of Bitcoin Berlín, born and raised in El Salvador, I always wanted to be a part of something meaningful, something that would make a great impact in my country; now I have the privilege to teach and educate many Salvadorans about Bitcoin.

I'm a dreamer and I firmly believe that anything you dream you can achieve.

Let's change the world 🌍

  • The Bitcoin Circular Economy Big Bang
  • Bitcoin Berlín
Fabio Arcieri
  • Fabio -
Federico Tenga

Federico is an R&D Strategist at Bitfinex, currently leading a team working to promote the growth of the RGB Protocol by developing the RGB lightning node, contributing to the protocol itself, creating tools for developers and building Iris Wallet.

  • Decentralised exchanges on Lightning with RGB
Felipe Huicochea

Emprendedor, tecnólogo y fundador de CriptoMonedas TV. Cuidador en jefe de Gallina Satoshi.

  • Bitcoin y Balas: Soberanía y autodeterminación
  • CUBO+ Devs Generation

Estudiante de Ingeniería en Ciberseguridad

Programador competitivo desde los 15 años programando en C++
Ha formado parte de varios proyectos educativos en América Latina, tales como Master Code y Clubes de Programación Competitiva, enseñando Programación Competitiva ICPC a estudiantes universitarios

Cofundador de CUBA lnp2p: comunidad cubana de lnp2pbot
Cofundador de Cuba Bitcoin: comunidad cubana Bitcoin only enfocada en la educación, adopción y creación de economías circulares en la isla

Líder de educación en el curso Mastering Bitcoin en la Librería de Satoshi
Organizador y profesor del primer curso de My First Bitcoin en Cuba


  • Adopción de Bitcoin en Cuba
Francisco Chavarria

  • Onboarding to Bitcoin with Culture
Francis Mars

Creator of Chain Duel

  • Chain Duel: Building Lightning Games
Francis Pouliot
  • Is Bitcoin decentralized enough?
  • The future of the non-custodial Bitcoin exchange experience
Fran Strajnar





Public Speaker.

100% human.

My job is to build great teams and predict the future.

In Bitcoin since 2010. Can talk until the cows come home about what comes next.

  • ES, BTC and the Global Restructuring
Gabe Lord

Gabe is the founder of OPERATION BITCOIN, a veteran education non-profit on a mission to introduce, educate, equip and motivate military veterans to lead the world into the coming Bitcoin epoch.

Powered by the Mi Primer Bitcoin curriculum and node model, Operation Bitcoin will offer a comprehensive educational program that equips military veterans and active duty service members with the knowledge and tools necessary to understand, engage with and teach others about Bitcoin and its larger impact on personal freedom and individual sovereignty.

Gabe is also co-host of the Bitcoin Veterans podcast - Five military veterans discussing life, liberty and Bitcoin on a mission to grow the Bitcoin Veterans community, take over the world and leave everyone alone.


Galbitcoin is a Petroleum engineer who met Bitcoin in 2017. He co-founded Tatacoa Bitcoin in the first version of adopting Bitcoin conference (2021). Has experience in business developing and closing partnerships across Latin America.

  • Vendiendo y comprando Bitcoin sin KYC
Gerardo R. Linares

Proud Salvadoran, Bitcoin enthusiast, working towards the mass adoption of Bitcoin in El Salvador. Co-founder of Bitcoin Berlín.

  • Bitcoin Berlín
Gerson Martinez

Gerson is a bicoin miner with a background in math and economics. The son of Salvadorans who emigrated to the US, he began a career in capital markets trading equity derivatives at Morgan Stanley during the great financial crisis.

In 2019, he started mining bitcoin and has since deployed hashrate in the US, Canada, LatAm and the Middle East.

Gerson will develop and steward corporate strategy at Volcano Energy to ensure the firm is always achieving its long-term vision and mission. He will also take the lead in corporate communications and public relations for the firm.

He also currently serves as an advisor to @ONBTC and board advisor to El Salvador's National Digital Assets Commission.

  • Manifesting freedom
  • Volcano Energy: Renewable Energy and Bitcoin Mining.
Giacomo Zucco

Giacomo is a Bitcoin protocol and Lightning Network protocol consultant/teacher. He spends his time supporting projects that he feels might be relevant for the future of Bitcoin, be it as educator, consultant, entrepreneur, maximalist or troll. Previously he was involved in GreenAddress, AssoBIT, BlockchainLab, Bitcoin Magazine. Currently he's advancing Bitcoin via BHB Network, BTCTimes, Relai, BCademy, Notarify.

  • Giacomo Zucco
  • Sovereign University
  • Do we still need credit on a bitcoin standard?
  • Is Bitcoin decentralized enough?
  • Bitcoin Hollywood Comedy Club
Graham Elwood

Graham Elwood is a national touring headliner (Originally from Chicago). He has been seen on Netflix, NBC, CBS, Amazon Prime, Comedy Central, GSN, TBS and Hulu. Co-host of the podcast “Government Secrets” With Lee Camp. Host of “The Political Vigilante” on YouTube. He has been in Last Comic Standing on NBC, The Sarah Silverman Program and Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time on Comedy Central. Regular on The Jimmy Dore Show. Director of the First Nations Comedy Experience on Amazon Prime. Has done 7 USO tours to Afghanistan, Iraq and Kuwait. Director of feature films Ear Buds: The Podcasting Documentary, Laffghanistan and Graham Goes To Russia. Host of Cram on Game Show Network and Strip Poker on USA.

  • Bitcoin FilmFest Panel
  • Bitcoin Hollywood Comedy Club
Graham Rittener

Graham Rittener is a UK born bitcoiner that reinvented himself as a film producer after a conversation with Bitcoin Beach cofounder, Chimbera (AKA Roman Martinez) in the garden of Hope House in El Zonte.
Graham had previously worked in the field of product development / innovation, but his passion for both bitcoin and documentaries collided one day in July 2021 when he came to El Salvador to explore the Bitcoin Beach story. Before he knew it, he had committed himself to producing his first ever documentary.

  • Bitcoin FilmFest Panel
Guillermo Contreras

About Mimo Contreras

CEO of DitoBanx - A Bitcoin Fintech focusing on onboardint the unbanked in Latin America . Mimo is a Software architect and entrepreneur. Started his first company 20 years ago and has been managing high performance dev teams for the last 11 years.

Currently serving as President of Tech committee of Salvadorian Chamber of Commerce that represents 2500+ SMBs and propietary Director at the National Science and Technology comission of El Salvador.

He is also a Fintech advocate and very experienced in regulatory frameworks in Latin America. His vision is to create a new financial system built on top of bitcoin.

  • Banking the Unbanked in Latin America
  • Guillermo Contreras - Ditobanx
Gustavo Flores Echaiz

Gustavo is a bitcoin entrepreneur, marketer and educator. Since 2019, he has been an active promoter of Bitcoin, organizing key meetups in Montreal and Queretaro. A significant contributor to Wasabi Wallet's technical blog content, he also co-founded the privacy educational website, He's also an advisor to the Mexican Bitcoin startup,

Twitter: @gustavojfe

  • Bitcoin privacy for the masses
Harsh Jhaveri

Harsh is one of the co-founders of the Yzer App - a gamified Bitcoin & Money education app teaching in bite-size lessons with Sat rewards. Harsh is a serial entrepreneur having founded multiple startups. As a non-toxic Bitcoin maxi, it's Harsh's mission to orange pill 1 million people before the price of Bitcoin reaches 1 million usd.

  • Yzer: The Power of Duolingo but for Bitcoin
Hubertus Hofkirchner

Hubertus Hofkirchner conceived and founded Bitcredit Protocol, a community-driven open software project which aims to facilitate the adoption of Bitcoin by the real economy. Bitcredit is a fiat-less on-ramp and circular Bitcoin system based on an elastic Bitcoin money supply to finance working capital needs and the wage fund for workers.
A former commercial banker, investment banker, and telecom CEO, Hubertus has been an independent serial entrepreneur at the intersection of finance and IT for two decades, founding an online brokerage, a digital options exchange, and a global prediction market platform. He also hosts the monthly Austrian Economics Salon at Vienna's Hayek Institute.

  • Solving Bitcoin’s Elasticity Problem
  • Do we still need credit on a bitcoin standard?
  • The Renaissance of Free Banking
  • Hubertus Hofkirchner - Bitcredit Protocol
ioni appelberg

Ioni Appelberg is a medical doctor from Sweden, researching how psychedelics can be best implemented for palliative care. He is also a YouTube creator who makes whiteboard explainer videos about bitcoin, and the author of "Abundance Through Scarcity."

  • Bitcoin and Psychedelics

I am a Bitcoiner and a developer, my native language is Spanish, I live in El Salvador, and I have contributed greatly to Bitcoin education. I am a co-founder of Torogoz Dev.

  • Workshop use of privacy tools with Bitcoin Spanish
  • Ishikawa - Torogoz Dev

Salvadoran living in the Philippines looking over the Bitcoin Islands community. Part of the Pouch PH team since 2021.

  • Bitcoin Islands - Philippines Update
James Littlejohn

James Littlejohn is a hacker, entrepreneur and peer to peer technologist. Currently, working on building an AI supported charting toolkit on a new peer to peer compute engine on top of Hypercore from Holepunch named HOP. This novel protocol uses proof of work to produce a new ledger that can be used to coordinate Decentralized Machine Learning. He was an early adopter and developer using bitcoin and peer to peer data protocols. His interest in Peer to Peer technologies was developed during studying an Economics degree at the University of Aberdeen 1995 which he followed with three entrepreneurial ventures in fintech, e-commerce and peer to peer text data mining. When not at the keyboard he will be found out hill walking, swimming or playing a tune on his fiddle.

  • Sovereign Data Peer to Peer
Jamie Robinson

Jamie onboarded 90,000 Bitcoiners during 2013-2018 in Canada with his

Recently relocated to El Salvador, he's laser focused on doing it again with his just-launched

  • Onboarding our first billion
Javier Bastardo

Bitcoin Ambassador at Bitfinex. Venezuelan Bitcoiner. Satoshi en Venezuela's organizer. Forbes Contributor.

  • Opening Remarks
Javier Borrayo

Guatemalan filmmaker based in Antigua Guatemala. I directed "A Sly, Roundabout Way," a documentary about the creation of the #BitcoinDiploma, an open-source curriculum designed to teach bitcoin anywhere in the world. I also directed "Immutable Democracy," a documentary showcasing how Bitcoin supported Guatemalans in preserving immutable evidence of election documents for the 2023 elections, during a period of significant institutional corruption in the country. My first feature film, "Luz," tells the story of a Guatemalan physicist who discovers a way to measure karma in space-time. It's available on AppleTV, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and other platforms.

In the stories I tell, I seek for truth, and Bitcoin aligns quite well with that mission.
Find me on X: @Javi_Borrayo

  • Bitcoin FilmFest Panel

JayDeLux is on a mission to grow the Lightning Network adoption the "sovereign" way by developing nodes on various platforms in the most possible reproducible way.

  • MY₿ONK on NixOS
Jeff Gallas
  • Ordinals are reshaping Bitcoin
Jens Wegmann

Jens is 31 years old and from a small village in Bavaria. Through his work as a teacher in different types of public schools, he gained a lot of experience about the education system and why it is the way it is. As a consequence of his experiences, he left the public school system and is now working as the principal of a small Montessori school in Germany.

  • Bitcoin and the education system
Jesse Knutson

Jesse Knutson is Head of Operations at Bitfinex Securities, a regulated security token platform offering issuers and traders access to capital and tokenized securities. Bitfinex Securities was the first global digital asset issuance and trading platform licensed in the Astana International Finance Centre (AIFC) and also the first to be licensed under El Salvador’s new digital asset regime. Jesse started his career in traditional finance having worked at global investment banks including Barclays and Macquarie. In addition to his role as Taiwan Head of Equity Capital Solutions, Jesse was also a founding member of Macquarie’s digital asset working group, and deal lead on the firm’s first equity investment into the Bitcoin mining space. Prior to joining Bitfinex Securities, Jesse was VP of Financial Products at Blockstream where he worked on developing and distributing financial products built on Bitcoin and backed by Bitcoin and Bitcoin mining. Jesse is also the host of the Blockstream Talk podcast.

  • BFXS - A New Capital Markets Ecosystem
John Dennehy

John Dennehy is the founder of My First Bitcoin, a Bitcoin education non-profit based in El Salvador. The project has taught over 25,000 students, including the first students anywhere in the world to ever receive a Bitcoin diploma program in a public school system. It has open-sourced all of its educational materials and has ambitious plans to teach millions of students in El Salvador and beyond.

  • Mi Primer Bitcoin vision & future
Jon Atack

Jon has been contributing to Bitcoin Core development since March 2019 with decentralization, censorship resistance, robustness, and privacy being his highest priorities.

  • El Salvador Adoption Realities
  • Is Bitcoin decentralized enough?
Jon Chenot

Jon is Head of VIP Services and Special Operations at He is the founder of Miami Bitcoiners Meetup, Coastal Bitcoiners Meetup in Southern California, Host of (formerly The Bitcoin Path Podcast), Co-Creator of the Have Fun Staying Pleb Party at Bitcoin 2021, Bitcoin 2022, and Pacific Bitcoin 2023. He produced Swan House Miami during Bitcoin 2023 and is heading up Swan House El Salvador in El Zonte. He has hosted Swan Salons, invite-only VIP events, nearly every month in LA for the past year and in Miami for most of 2023. He’s a dad, surfer, sailor, and all-around waterman who is pursuing a path of spiritual and personal development through community building and nature immersion

  • Bitcoin's Social Layer
Jose A.P

José A.P. is a software engineer, currently working as a Lightning Engineer at Clovr Labs. He's one of the key contributors to the development of and NodeGuard – an open-source treasury management solution for Lightning nodes. A strong advocate for Bitcoin and the separation of money and state.

  • NodeGuard, treasury management for lightning nodes
Jose Rodriguez

Jose Rodriguez. Founder & CEO @Legalítika. Featured in Forbes Central America on 2020 and nominated as Forbes Business Promise for 2022. Jose has 15 years experience practicing law. Specialized in legal innovation and legal technology, with emphasis in disruptive innovation projects. Member of ASOBITCOIN, the Bitcoin companies association in El Salvador. Specialist in Bitcoin and Digital Asset Regulations, leading special practice in Bitcoin corporate law and AML legal services for BTC companies through a new business line called Algebra Cx.

Jose believes in accelerating bitcoin adoption through increasing the number of companies running businesses in El Salvador. His understanding of BTC ecosystem makes him the right lawyer to work with and his reputation around Salvadoran ecosystems will open all doors for your Bitcoin company to thrive in Bitcoin country.

  • Sound Regs: Legal Framework for companies in ESA
Josue Lopez

CEO: Josué López

Josué is an experienced investment manager who focuses on creating Private Equity opportunities within emerging markets, particularly in the field of disruptive technologies. Through his companies, partners, and affiliates, he has invested capital in multiple developing economies, including the development of large-scale renewable energy projects like solar, hydro, and geothermal plants. Additionally, he's been instrumental in establishing the largest Bitcoin mining operation in Latin America.
As the leader of three investment entities, he has actively encouraged foreign direct investment (FDI) in El Salvador, and he's played a crucial role in building sustainable financial infrastructure that has benefited a significant portion of the population.
Josué has made meaningful contributions through two non-profit organizations by providing education in various emerging economies, covering subjects ranging from music to finance. He is committed to continuing his career in a way that positively impacts El Salvador and its people.

As CEO of Volcano Energy, he leads strategic decision-making, oversees daily operations, sets corporate vision, manages resources, and represents the company, driving its overall success and growth.

  • Josue Lopez
  • Manifesting freedom
  • Volcano Energy: Renewable Energy and Bitcoin Mining.
Juan Carlos Reyes

JC is the founder and lead consultant for an internationally respected management consulting firm with over 50 consultants worldwide, they solve complex challenges across a variety of industries and sectors. He specializes in governance, strategic management, entrepreneurship, distributed ledger technology, aboriginal relations, energy, and the mining industry. He is also the owner and partner of over a dozen companies in Canada, El Salvador, Cuba, Nicaragua, and Russia. Most recently he has accepted an invitation by President Bukele to lead the digital assets agenda and is currently spearheading the digital assets securities and exchange commission.

Passionate about education and entrepreneurship, JC studied mining engineering, computer science, and math at Laurentian University. After 15 years running JC took a break and enrolled at Harvard, where he completed a master's degree in Management and Finance. In 2015 his team won first place in one of Harvard’s most competitive challenges, the real estate investment challenge with over 120 participants. Currently, he is pursuing a Ph.D in international economics in Russia.

A humanitarian to the core at 21, he helped to raise over $3M to rebuild a village in his native country of El Salvador. Since then, he has spent a month each year, volunteering and helping to improve the lives of others in Canada and around the world.

After university, he spent time developing software in Silicon Valley, but came back to Canada to focus on technology. He advised regional and national governments on technology adoption, policy, and security and became an early adopter of Bitcoin. In 2021, he returned to El Salvador to help with the bitcoin adoption.

  • BFXS - A New Capital Markets Ecosystem
Juan Galt

Street Philosopher, Bitcoiner Class 2012, Artist, Writer.

Weekly SpacesHost With The Top Minds at

  • The Top 5 Mistakes Of Bitcoin Self Custody
  • Juan Galt -
Julian Figueroa

Julian Figueroa is a filmmaker and host of Kinetic Finance - a multi-platform video channel providing educational and historical explainers on money & markets, and a cutting-edge look into the world of Bitcoin. Since 2020, his content has amassed over 1.2 million views across YouTube, Twitter, Tik Tok and Instagram. In addition to appreciating the self-sovereign movement that Bitcoin promotes, Julian also shares a passion for off-grid living - consistently learning about and engaging in carpentry, permaculture, and survivalism.

  • A New Era of Bitcoin Creators
Keith Mukai
  • Introducción a bitcoin autocustodia, cold storage, y el proyecto SeedSigner
Kevin Ayala
  • - Que es Bitcoin?
  • Construye tu propia billetera de Bitcoin Lightning
  • Ordinals are reshaping Bitcoin
Luis Pinedo

Luis Pinedo is the Head of Product of Bitfinex Pay, building the crypto payment gateway of the future. Bitfinex Pay provides a gateway for users to make crypto payments and a Dashboard for Merchants to manage their gateway with a complete set of tools like auto-convert, refunds, reports, and many other features. Luis is an advocate of Bitcoin and the Lightning Network, as a passionate crypto enthusiast, his focus is on mass adoption of crypto in the world.

  • Bitfinex Pay: The path to mass Bitcoin adoption
Luke Broyles

Luke Broyles is a 24 year old investor and critical thinker. Luke spends his time working at the The Bitcoin Adviser where he helps people 1:1 to self-custody their Bitcoin in multi-sig solutions. Luke is passionate about spreading the Truth of the Gospel and doing everything he can to build a better world for his family and others.

  • The greatest rebrand in History
  • Bitcoin Aligns Incentives
Maciej Cepnik

Maciej Cepnik is a Canadian-born Bitcoin entrepreneur now living in Mexico. He’s actively pursuing Bitcoin adoption in his new home and working as the social media coordinator at Bitrefill. Freedom is a non-negotiable value for him, and he enjoys discovering and understanding the different use cases of Bitcoin.

  • Is Mexico the next big step for Bitcoin adoption?
Mario Flamenco

Young salvadoreño member of the Presidential Bitcoin Office of El Salvador in charge of CUBO+ under President Nayib Bukele.

  • CUBO+ Devs Generation
Mark Stevenson

Payments gateway infrastructure. Online & In Store.
Bitfinex Pay

  • Challenges of Merchant Bitcoin Adoption - a journey from Lugano to San Salvador
Mark Zubov

Mark Zubov is the founder and CEO of Umma.Finance, an interest-free network state aimed at bringing bitcoin & sound finance to emerging markets. Prior to Umma, Mark founded IMAN, an emerging-markets-focused fintech platform. Mark comes from an investment industry background and has facilitated over $1.5 billion in buy-side and sell-side deals across M&A, equity, and debt capital markets in the US, Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia. Prior to starting an entrepreneurial journey, Mark was a senior investment associate at CrossBoundary, a US-based investment firm focused on frontier markets. Mark holds a Masters in Finance from University of St Francis and is a CFA charterholder.

  • An interest-free network state: towards bitcoin, sound finance, & energy abundance
Matias Goldenhorn

As the CEO of Athena Bitcoin Global, Matias Goldenhörn has been integral in aligning the company with its mission of building open financial systems for the global community. Under his leadership, the company has significantly simplified Bitcoin access through its expansive fleet of ATMs, facilitating secure cryptocurrency transactions within 90 seconds. Additionally, the launch of Athena Plus has marked Athena Bitcoin's foray into providing personalized over-the-counter (OTC) trading services for digital assets, broadening the spectrum of financial solutions offered to individuals and institutions.

Venturing beyond North and South America, Athena Bitcoin, under Matias’s guidance, has initiated a pioneering real estate project in El Salvador, enabling property purchases with Bitcoin. This venture, along with the company’s broader expansion into markets like Argentina, underscores Athena Bitcoin’s commitment to fostering cryptocurrency adoption and financial inclusion globally. Matias's strategic foresight, coupled with the innovative solutions crafted by the Athena Bitcoin team, continues to position the company as a notable player in the cryptocurrency landscape, driving the industry towards more practical and inclusive financial systems.

  • Anuncio Bitcoin ATMs con Lightning Network
Matt McPherson
  • matt mcpherson -
Max Keiser

Max Keiser is the co-founder and chairman of Volcano Energy in El Salvador and serves as sr bitcoin advisor to President Nayib bukele. He is also a columnist for Bitcoin Magazine and the author of “The Book of Max.” Max and his wife, Stacy Herbert, were the first to extensively cover Bitcoin in 2011 and are considered the original OG’s that brought the message of Bitcoin to a global audience trough outlets such as the BBC, RT, Al Jazeera English, France 24 and others.

  • Bitcoin Hollywood Comedy Club
  • The greatest rebrand in History
Mercedes Juarez

International specialist with 40 years’ experience as a consultant, trainer, and researcher in the fields of education, development aid, global health and gender issues. Senior adviser in the education and health sector to governments and international institutions such as the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT), Directorate-General for International Cooperation-Dutch government, Danida-Danish Government, Foreign Commonwealth & Development Office-UK Government, UNICEF, UNFPA, WHO and World Bank, in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. She agrees with Saifdean’s definition from the FIAT standard that all of the above can be characterised as “the misery industry”.

In her teenage years she participated in community development programmes organised by the Jesuits throughout Mexico. Growing up in the slums of Mexico City Mercedes' activism was born as a result of experiencing the drastic social contrast in Mexican society which still prevails to this day. As many of her peers in the 70’s she studied Marxism and it’s most prominent critics such as Foucault in depth, and considered it as the most viable route towards social justice, however now in her 70’s she has become an ardent supporter of bitcoin for achieving her life long goals of supporting underprivileged populations and particularly women.

  • Bitcoin Yucatan - Orange pilling Mexico
Micael Margiotta

I am a 23-year-old Argentine boy interested in bringing freedom and bitcoin to everyone. I want to dedicate my time and energy to this mission. In 2023 I finished my book titled "The Great Parasite" where I explain how our corrupt financial system was built, how it really works and where it is possibly going. Giving an explanation on how it is used to violate our natural rights and how Bitcoin is helping us protect them.

  • Book presentation
Michele Crivelli

Michele Crivelli has a background in traditional finance, having gained significant experience in a major Swiss banking institution and in asset management companies. He is currently a partner in a regulated Family Office and Asset Manager in Switzerland.
Since 2021, Michele has devoted his efforts to building a comprehensive bridge between the established structures of traditional finance and the emerging world of digital finance. His focus has been on designing a scalable and easily accessible solution that meets the needs of both capital seekers and investors.

  • BFXS - A New Capital Markets Ecosystem
Michelle Weekley

Michelle has a background in computer science and has spent 15+ years working in early-stage tech startups.

She has traveled all over the world, lived in the UAE and worked in China.

While abroad, she worked in Foreign Direct Investment, where she witnessed immense global corruption first hand, which ultimately led her to Bitcoin in 2016.

She is now doing product development within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

  • Fighting Fiat Corruption with the Truth
Mike Peterson

Mike Peterson is the Director at Bitcoin Beach, a non-profit located in El Zonte / El Salvador that helped bootstrap the circular Bitcoin economy that eventually inspired the adoption of Bitcoin as legal tender in El Salvador.

  • Bitcoin adoption in LatAm. Beyond El Salvador
  • From Bitcoin Beach to the World
  • Mike Peterson - Hope House & Bitcoin Beach
  • Manifesting freedom
Napoleon Osorio

Educador y comunity builder en mi primer Bitcoin, conocido como Bitdriver

  • Superación de obstáculos en adopción Bitcoin
Nathan Day

Nathan is a tech entrepreneur turned pleb-at-large.

After 20-years in IT and start-up land, he found Bitcoin in 2021 and has been obsessed ever since. He co-founded BTC Map, Gamertron (an 8-bit lightning video game business with his son) and also delivers bitcoin education workshop for kids.

  • BTC Map - Merchant Adoption
Nelson Inno

Nelson is a Salvadoran entrepreneur living in Germany, and an innovation enthusiast with expertise in creating and developing new products, services, and digital experiences in multiple industries.

His projects are well known to be visually engaging and always oriented towards delivering value-adding results fast. Nelson and his work have been featured on Forbes, ZDF (Bitcoineros Docu.), and other media. He has a TEDxTalk 'Are Schools Prepared for the Future?', advises the El Salvador government on Bitcoin topics, and created the most popular project in the biggest Hackathon in history.

He lives by the mantra 'Be the ordinary, build the extraordinary'

  • Decentralized Engagement with Lightning Rewards
Nicolas Burtey

Nicolas Burtey is founder and CEO of Galoy, a company developing bitcoin-native open source banking infrastructure for enterprise-scale applications and integrations. Galoy is also the developer and maintainer of Blink (fka Bitcoin Beach Wallet), a Lightning wallet designed for bottom-up Bitcoin adoption.

  • Building tools for the bitcoin journey. The “why” of the blink API
  • Building mobile Lightning Wallets in 2023
Niko Jilch

Niko Jilch is a financial journalist and speaker based in Vienna, Austria. He's focusing on the digitalization of money, the future of the financial system - and, of course, Bitcoin. Niko runs one of the most popular podcasts and YouTube channels on the topic of Bitcoin in the German speaking world ("Was Bitcoin bringt"). His English newsletter is called "Fix the money". Niko advises companies and organizations on the topic of Bitcoin and is a sought-after speaker at conferences in Europe and internationally.

  • Bitcoin as an international asset
Noelyne Sumba

Noelyne is a Bitcoin advocate. She holds the position of overseeing marketing operations at Machankura- a lightning wallet that enables Bitcoin transactions without relying on the internet or smartphones. Additionally, she serves as the Africa correspondent for the Bitcoin layer, a research organization that examines Bitcoin from a global macroeconomic perspective. Noelyne has also translated two books, Layered Money by Nik Bhatia book and The Blocksize war by Jonathan Bier, into Swahili. Her primary goal is to promote widespread acceptance of Bitcoin at the grassroots level, with a particular emphasis on Africa, while also shedding light on the advancements and positive applications of Bitcoin within the continent.

  • Africa's Bitcoin Boom: Unleashing Prosperity
  • Towards Circularity - Paying the Supplier
  • Building Bitcoin apps with Blink API
Paolo Ardoino
  • Freedom or Control? We are not monsters. We are just ahead of the curve.
  • Manifesting freedom
  • Paolo Ardoino
  • Keets Pears and Holepunches
Patrick Melder
  • Bitcoin Lake: Bitcoin Adoption in Guatemala
Patrick van der Meijde

Co-Founder of Arnhem Bitcoin City in the Netherlands. Co-Founder of BitKassa, the dutch bitcoin-only payment processor used at many venue's in The Netherlands and in Belgium.

  • The Bitcoin Circular Economy Big Bang
  • 10 years of merchants accepting bitcoin in Arnhem

Designer working on bitcoin stuff.

  • Bitcoin FilmFest Panel
  • Anatomy of Bitcoin
Pedro J. Solis
  • Pedro J. Solis
Peruvian Bull

Peruvian Bull is a Peruvian-American scholar, researcher, and educator hailing from the Pacific Northwest. Born and raised in Seattle, he attended a local university where he graduated Magna Cum Laude with degrees in Finance, Economics, and Entrepreneurship. He has studied also in South America and plans to complete a Master's degree at the London School of Economics. He recently worked at a private equity fintech firm as an analyst and advisor for financial services, and now writes macro content fulltime.

  • The Dollar Endgame
Peter Todd

  • Peter Todd
  • Safeguarding elections information using Bitcoin
Philipp Hoenisch

Philipp made it his mission to unleash the power of self-sovereign Bitcoin finance.
With the wallet 10101, Philipp and his team are using DLCs and Lightning to bring self-custodial financial products to billions of Bitcoiners. Whether self-custodial trading or a trust-minimized synthetic stable coins, 10101 will bring decentralized finance to Bitcoin.

  • Building mobile Lightning Wallets in 2023
Plamen Andonov

Plamen Andonov is a software engineer who started working full time Bitcoin three years ago.
He is the loudest Bitcoin voice in Bulgaria. The person who speaks on national television to comment the latest "Bitcoin collapse", as they call it, and constantly answer questions like: "How is Bitcoin different than One Coin?", "What is Bitcoin?", "How do you mine Bitcoin?", etc.
Author of "Bitcoin: Forget the price, realize the value!" and "Myths of Legends of Bitcoin", he does his best to "Think Globally, Oringe Pill Locally"

  • Think Globally, Orange Pill Locally
Rafael Cordon

Rafa is an entrepreneur and technology consultant with more than 15 years of experience advising governments on data platform strategy and innovation.
He is the CEO of Simple Proof (, a startup that helps institutions uphold information integrity through immutable record-keeping and trustless verification. He recently worked with the government of Guatemala to safeguard election documents using open protocols and the Bitcoin blockchain.
Additionally, Rafa is Chief Cloud Architect at ITZ DATA (, an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner specialized in working with Public Sector institutions on their cloud adoption journeys.

  • Safeguarding elections information using Bitcoin
Rahim Taghizadegan

Rahim Taghizadegan is the last Austrian economist of the Austrian School in the direct tradition, teaching at universities in Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, and Germany. Author of over a dozen books, he is the Free Cities Foundation's chief economist and founder of Vienna's scholarium, where the Austrian School can be studied in its original interdisciplinary form. He was the first renowned Austrian economist to understand Bitcoin and is presently constructing Bitcoin citadels and developing privacy-oriented tools on nostr and RGB.

  • Good money, bad money, and the conquest of America

Lead maintainer of ord ( the first reference implementation of the Ordinals Protocol.

  • Ordinals are reshaping Bitcoin
  • Inscribing Digital Artifacts on SATSCARDs
Raphael Ventura

Founder & CEO of Lumara

Lumara is pioneering Bitcoin real estate transactions around the world. We work with buyers, sellers, and agents to make the process seamless and available to everyone.

  • Lumara: Beyond Boundaries with Bitcoin Real Estate
Renato Salazar

Believer, husband, and father of 2.
Coffee lover, pupusas lover.
Connected to El Zonte for the last 12 years helping the community -
Youth development warrior at HopeHouse.
Foster dogs owner - Mango & Boogie
Pioneering solutions to end global homelessness and imagine a world where no one lives in survival mode. #HomeForAll #ToTheMoon

  • Home For All
Reyna Chicas

Born and raised in El Salvador, Reyna joined the Mi Primer Bitcoin team in late 2022 and became the first international teacher from Mi Primer Bitcoin that went to teach at the Lago Bitcoin project in Guatemala in April 2023. She recently joined MFB's Board of Directors as a secretary. In her own words, she's found a purpose and is now committed to helping make the world a better place by using Bitcoin education as a tool in her home country and collaborating with the mission of expanding it to the rest of the world.

  • A Salvadoran story: From attendee to AB speaker
Ricardo Martinez
  • Don't trust... verify! - Documentary screening and presentation
  • Manifesting freedom
Ricardo Villalobos

Software craftsman building the tools to liberate humanity from the fiat hypnosis

  • Bootstrapping Bitcoin Development in El Salvador

Richard, a former Aerospace Engineer is now focused full-time working in the freedom technology space. His love for running and bitcoin drove him to found Bitcoin Runners: A running club for likeminded individuals to take part in social runs, races, and other events representing bitcoin and fitness around the world. This connection led him to help establish the Running Bitcoin Challenge alongside pioneering bitcoin enthusiasts. With Fran Finney as the Honorary Chair, this initiative aims to fundraise for ALSA Gold West Chapter in honour of legendary cypherpunk Hal Finney. Richard’s desire to accelerate the adoption of bitcoin led him to co-found Lightning Piggy, an electronic cash piggy bank for children to accept bitcoin over lightning. Outside of these and other bitcoin ventures, Richard can be found either running or coaching fellow runners in the south of England.

  • Lightning Piggy Workshop
Robert Allen (SatoshiSound)

10 years down the Bitcoin rabbit hole and still digging. Won't stop until the Fed is ended or I am dead.

Producer of the animated series "Bitcoin & Friends" coming Jan. 3, 2024: and @btcandfriends

Software development: - Nostr identity and reputation badges - Nostr NIP7 signing extension - My web development company

Nostr: npub1sy70twa0vadtk8hjs6wt2hmfszduj04tw78ccs3ktmr9u99mfmqsj62srx
Twitter: @SatoshiSound

  • Bitcoin FilmFest Panel

Cubo+ Student

  • Bootstrapping Bitcoin Development in El Salvador
Roger 9000

Roger creates songs about life cycles and stories. Rooted in the classical form, he fuses ancient and modern textures to produce a sonically experimental style with Mythology, Satoshi, and Bitcoin at the Core. With a wide range of cultural influence in is background he draws upon this heritage in order to further explore his musical future.

  • ₿IT CHOC ROCKS - The Balance of Bitcoin and Cacao presentation
  • Roger 9000 (Music Performance)

Founder of DB, an organisation focus on mass scale bitcoin education. Building the SovereignUniversity and El Salvador LN infrastructure.

  • Sovereign University
  • 1 LN node, 1 ATM, 1 school in el Salvador
Roman Martinez

Chimbera is a native of El Zonte and is one of the community leaders of Bitcoin Beach. When talking about the success of Bitcoin adoption in El Salvador, it is impossible not to talk about Chimbera. His work as an evangelist and educator was crucial in bringing the circular economy to life that eventually lead to the adoption of Bitcoin in the country of El Salvador.

  • From Bitcoin Beach to the World
  • Roman Martinez - Hope House & Bitcoin Beach
Samantha de Waal

A lifelong Bitcoiner at 12 years, Sam has a unique perspective on Bitcoin that is lost to many of the older generation. We adopted Bitcoin, but she never did - it's been a part of her life from the beginning.

  • Who are the Bitcoin generation?
Sandro E. Martínez

Computer Systems Engineer, Full Stack Developer, Software Development Manager & Bitcoin lover at Spiralis

  • Despliegue exitoso de un proyecto de Bitcoin
Scott Lindberg

Scott Lindberg is the game designer of HODL UP, a Bitcoin education game, and the author of "Teaching through Games: 21 Bitcoin Lessons." He served in the U.S. Army after graduating West Point. He later met his wife, Tali, at Yale where both earned MBA’s. They homeschooled their four children for 20 years. Self-custody of their kids’ education began and continues with their own education. Today, their focus is on teaching Bitcoin and sound money to others. They are doing this through their company, Free Market Kids (

Today, Scott's concept of taking action and serving others has crystalized. He cares deeply about individual freedoms, the Constitution protecting those freedoms, and free markets. We owe it to those who have served, ourselves, and the next generation to preserve these ideals. Gone is the expectation that others will do the right thing. In fact, it is even worse. Bad actors are attacking our freedoms, internally and externally.

Why games? In the permissionless ethos of Bitcoin, you don't need anyone's permission to have fun teaching Bitcoin! Scott loves games, so it was natural to incorporate them into their homeschooling curriculum. Tabletop games rank higher on the education effectiveness pyramid than traditional learning methods. Games offer fellowship while taking a break from ever-present screen time temptations. In short, games are a creative – and fun – way to boost learning for everyone, not just kids.

  • Teaching Bitcoin and Lightning through Games
Seb Gouspillou

Sébastien Gouspillou (born in August 1969) is a French Bitcoin miner, entrepreneur, and speaker.[1] He is the founder of BigBlock Datacenter and also serves as the CEO of BBGS. Gouspillou is often seen addressing large crowds at public events, podcasts, and tv shows, sharing his expert knowledge on the topics of Bitcoin and the Energy market.
He is considered one of the ambassadors of sustainable investment in Bitcoin mining in France.

  • The Bitcoin miracle at Virunga
Silent Link

Connecting Bitcoiners to mobile data since 2020.

  • Bitcoin Only Privacy eSIM Provider
Simon Smith
  • Simon Smith -
Stacy Herbert

Stacy is a OG Bitcoiner and has been evangalizing Bitcoin to her audiences since 2011. Together with her partner Max Keiser, she hosts the Orange Pill Podcast and is an outspoken supporter of El Salvador's Bitcoin adoption. Since 2022, she has been leading the the National Bitcoin Office (ONBTC) of El Salvador under President Nayib Bukele.

  • The greatest rebrand in History

Author: UnCommunist Manifesto + The Bitcoin Times
Founder: Amber App and Spirit of Satoshi: World's first Bitcoin AI
Twitter: @SvetskiWrites

  • Alexander Svetski - Spirit of Satoshi
  • Satoshi Squared -- Satoshi Money x Spirt of Satoshi (AI)
  • Bitcoin meets AI
Tatiana Koffman

Tatiana Koffman is an investor and author known for her weekly newsletter She recently secured a book deal with Wiley Publishing.

She's recognized for her expertise in finance and technology, and her insights have been featured in Forbes, CoinDesk, CNBC, the Economist, Business Insider, and TechCrunch.

Previously, Koffman wrote a popular Forbes Crypto column and worked on Venture Capital investments for Grammy-award-winning celebrities, including the Chainsmokers and Linkin Park, in Los Angeles. She began her career as a derivatives trader at TD Bank in Toronto and holds a JD/MBA from York University. She's also a member of the New York State Bar.

Koffman serves as a visiting lecturer on blockchain at UCLA and Pepperdine. Her writings are used in teaching at UCLA, Oxford, Sorbonne University, and the Michigan Law Review.

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UI/UX engineer, developing on the web for well over a decade. A love of Bitcoin and software development collided in recent years ultimately resulting in the creation and launch of late 2022.

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Tim Aron

Tim is a lawyer specializing in financial services and regulatory law. He was previously a lawyer to the UK regulator's markets and wholesale banking team, legal adviser to the UK Listing Authority, head of legal at the Astana Financial Services Authority, and a partner at two leading US law firms. Tim is currently a member of a specialist financial services chambers (Minerva Chambers), an external lawyer for Bitfinex and Tether, and Head of Compliance for Bitfinex Securities.

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Tomas Skandera

Freedom maximalist building novel technological solutions, artistic movements and extending communities whilst exploring Bitcoin native decentralized finance implementations.

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Torogoz Dev

Torogoz es un programa con base en El Salvador 🇸🇻 tiene el objetivo de preparar #developers en #Bitcoin y Lightning⚡identificar problemas y crear soluciones.

  • Technical talk about development of TorogozPay
Two People in Paradise

Together, Ryan & Jessica are Two People in Paradise, two Canadian newlyweds who fled Canada to El Salvador after their bank accounts were frozen. Since beginning their new life in El Salvador, they've made it their mission to inspire others to reclaim their freedom and dignity via Bitcoin.

  • From Canada to El Salvador: Reclaiming our Dignity
valentin popescu

Director de MOTIV PERU

  • Presentar MOTIV PERU
  • The Bitcoin Circular Economy Big Bang

VEINTIUNO es una revista de ideas. Traducimos el conocimiento experto de la filosofía, ciencia, psicología, sociedad y cultura del Bitcoin a través de ensayos en combinación con pódcast, todos originales y seleccionados.

Recíbelos directamente en tu bandeja

  • VEINTIUNO - A community blueprint
  • VEINTIUNO - Un modelo para crear comunidades
Will Hernandez

Graduated from Methodist University in North Carolina in Financial Economics, Marketing and Business Adm.
Working experience in fortune 500 companies in the energy sector and logistics.
Business development consultant.
LATAM Manager of BD of Bitfinex for P2P
President of The Bitcoin Association of El Salvador.

  • The Bitcoin Association of El Salvador
William "Bill" Stebbins Jr.

William “Bill” Stebbins Jr. is a retired U.S. Army cavalry officer and Iraq veteran with experience in counterinsurgency, combined arms warfare and operational/ strategic planning which give him a unique perspective on Bitcoin. His experience in Iraq led him to become a staunch anti-war advocate.
With almost 30 years leadership experience, he coaches, writes about, and facilitates leadership workshops. His most recent obsession is Bitcoin, about which he regularly podcasts and writes.
He lives in Ohio with his wife Andrea.

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Yemoja Uzume
  • Yemoja Uzume - Bitcoin Mermaid